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Episode 17 (out now!): Nadia Cumbal on cancer

12472413_10153526497412514_3899408447048100229_nThis week our episode features a Ph.D. candidate in Dartmouth’s Molecular and Cellular Biology program. Nadia Cumbal, researches a particular protein, whose mutation is associated with cancer, in the lab of Dr. Michael Cole. She speaks about what cancer is, how it can happen, the cellular mechanisms that may be able to provide new therapies, and where the future may be in cancer research.

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Episode 16 (out now!): Dr. Damian Sowinski on information theory

Dr. Damian Sowinski is a post-doctoral researcher at Dartmouth who studies information theory. He uses information theory in many different ways, from understanding why stars are stable to how people construct a narrative of the world based on experience. In our discussion, we talked about the basics of information theory to fields of application like quantum mechanics, philosophy and physics.

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Episode 14: Stephanie Getz and Patrick Skelton on autism

This week we hosted two close friends and researchers to talk about their work in autism. They focus on cellular pathways that are commonly altered in patients with syndromic autism to both understand the physical changes that characterize neurons in the brain of a patient with autism and also create animal models that best represent human autism so we can understand the disorder and work towards therapies. You can see in the chart below that most of the genetic contributions that lead to autism are unknown. We hope you enjoy our analysis of and opinions on what we know and don’t know and how we study this complex disorder.