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Episode 1 – Intro to us and science

Episode 2 – The Brain 101

Episode 3 – Science Pub #1: The Games we play and how they transform our lives

Episode 4 – Dr. Emily Stephens on serotonin

Episode 5 – Lucas Dwiel on binge eating

Episode 6 – Allison Chua on oceanography

Episode 7 – Q&A #1

Episode 8 – Dr. Jibran Khokhar on marijuana and schizophrenia

Episode 9 – Science Pub#2; Climate change, global agriculture, and the New England farm

Episode 10 – Dr. Baldomero Olivera on cone snails

Episode 11 – Colleen Lewis on STIs

Episode 12 – Dr. Mark McPeek on evolution

Episode 13 – Science Pub #3, Black holes and exoplanets

Episode 14 – Stephanie Getz and Patrick Skelton on autism


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“Everything was spelled out perfectly. Going through the history was user-friendly; making it chronological made it easier for me to grasp and appreciate how changes in the thinking progressed. The way you set it up – all of it – made it accessible for me, and it is not easy material for me to digest. Love the tone of the way you both regard the topic and the material on the whole. There seems to be a reverence there – a level of respect for the wonder that is the brain. That is part of what made me feel such awe about all that was offered. As a listener, I couldn’t help but get excited and want to know more.”

Episode 2: Testimonial