Allison Chua on oceanography

You’ve found the listener resource page for our interview with Allison Chua.

We mentioned her website a lot in this interview. It is truly a gem and has GREAT information if you’re interested in the topic and history of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). Click here to access her website. You can even access the content for the class she teaches on oceanography by clicking here.

She uses a really cool game with her students in the beginning of her course to introduce them to the vastness that is the ocean. Basically, the students are given four blank forms with all the letters in the alphabet. Each form corresponds to a type of oceanographic research, which are chemical, geological, biological, and physical. She gives them a certain amount of time to try and fill out each blank form with the goal to have at least one word for each letter. Luckily, for those whom this is difficult for (i.e. me and Kell), she also has answer keys. Below you can find the empty forms and the answer keys for each. We highly recommend this game for your kids or anyone interested in exploring what they really know about the ocean!

Physical Oceanography – Blank Game

Geological Oceanography – Blank Game

Chemical Oceanography – Blank Game

Biological Oceanography – Blank Game

Answer keys:

Physical Oceanography

Geological Oceanography

Chemical Oceanography

Biological Oceanography

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