Episode 5 (October 21): Lucas Dwiel on binge eating

Next week our guest is Lucas Dwiel. He is earning his Ph.D. in Dartmouth’s Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine (PEMM). His research aims to understand the wide-spread electrical circuits of the brain and how these dynamics can become dysregulated within the context of mental illnesses. By using signal processing and computational methods, he hopes to improve current therapeutics with a focus on neuromodulatory techniques, like deep brain stimulation.

He currently studies the signals involved in binge eating and ways to intervene to prevent unhealthy eating habits in rats. In this episode, we talk about current clinical and investigational work with deep brain stimulation as well as a wonderful and thought-provoking conversation about drugs and the effects they can have on wide-spread circuitry in the brain. Please keep your eyes out for this episode – it is a gem!

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